Chair of the FEE and IMA Conferences – Oleksii Drozdenko (SumDU)
Co-Chair of the IMA Conference – Assel Mukanova (AIU)
Secretary – Yurii Shabelnyk

Local Organizing Committee:

“Physics. Electronics. Electrical Engineering” Conference
Track 1 – Physics & Methods of Teaching Physics
Track’s Chair: Olha Pasko
Track’s Secretary: Anastasiia Borysenko
Track 2 – Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties
Track’s Chair: Vladyslav Rogoz
Track’s Secretary: Stanislav Shevchenko
Traks 3 – Materials science of Micro- & Nanoelectronics
Track’s Chair: Yurii Shabelnyk
Track’s Secretary: Andrii Lohvynov
Tracks 4 – Electronic Information Systems
Track’s Chair: Larysa Odnodvorets
Track’s Secretary: Maryna Shumakova
Track 5 – Electronic Systems, Devices & Means of Information Coding
Track’s Chair: Oleksii Borysenko
Track’s Secretary: Maryna Shevchenko
Track 6 – Electrical Engineering & Power Engineering
Track’s Chair: Ihor Lebedynskyi
Track’s Secretary: Illia Diahovchenko

“Informatics. Mathematics. Automation” Conference
Track 1 – Computer Science & Cyber Security
Track’s Chair: Anatolii Dovbysh
Track’s Secretary: Alla Lukyanikhina
Track 2 – Information Technology of Design
Track’s Chair: Vira Shendryk
Track’s Secretary: Eduard Kuznietsov
Track 3 – Automation, Electromechanics & Control Systems
Track’s Chair: Volodymyr Cherviakov
Track’s Secretary: Andrii Panych
Track 4 – Applied Mathematics & Complex Systems Modeling
Track’s Chair: Oleksandr Lysenko
Track’s Secretary: Anna Badalian

AIU’s Tracks
Track 5 – Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics
Track’s Chair: Aldanov Yerbol Satybaevich
Track’s Secretary: Taganova Guldana Zharkymbaykyzy
Track 6 – Automated Systems and IT Management
Track’s Chair: Shara Toibayeva
Track’s Secretary: Seitbekova Ainagul
Track 7 – Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications
Track’s Chair: Sharafat Mirzakulova
Track’s Secretary: Alimbekova Nazym Akhatovna